How do we
produce our coffees?

We make our own seedlings, following strict phytosanitary parameters planning the right cultivar that best suit each plot. In addition, we monitor and document each stage of production: planting, management, crop, processing, sorting, storage and shipping.

Product Profiles

We have an elegant menu of coffees that serve small, medium
and large roasters, importers, coffee shops, hotel chains, and others.


Macrolots Cerrado Specialty
80 – 81.5 pts
Coffees with uniform appearance and superior quality to the Brazilian commercial standard. Neutral cup profile, without expressive notes. Can be used as a basis in blend composition.


Macrolots Cerrado Specialty Premium
82 – 83.5 pts

The elegance and remarkable nuances of the Cerrado Mineiro specialty coffees: predominantly chocolate profile with the possibility of a fruity profile, resulting from the separation of Natural and Semi- Washed processes.

Flavors Wheel: Nutty / Cocoa / Sweet
Processing: Natural /


Cerrado Specialty Microlots
84 – 85.5 pts

Microlots with expressive notes, produced exclusively in one of our original farms. Unique coffees, separated according to variety, terroir, processing, screen, and sensory profile.

Processing: Natural / Semi-Washed / Fully washed / Low Anaerobic Fermentation / Aerobic Fermentation


Cerrado Specialty Micro and Nano lots
86 up
Our line of specialty coffees that change with each crop. Unique profiles that present high cup quality, harmonic and striking nuances. Outstanding profiles arranged in limited edition of
micro and nano lots.
A Brazilian family company, specialized in the production and export of specialty and premium coffees, located in the heart of the Cerrado Mineiro in Minas Gerais, Brazil.
Av. João Batista da Silva, 710 – Bairro Amazonas
Cerrado Mineiro | Brasil
Signature by Pedro Humberto Veloso